Forest Heroes Join investors to Secure Zero-Deforestation Palm Oil Commitments

Lead Groups: Catapult, Green Century Funds, Green Corps, SumOfUs

Support Groups: Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists

We launched a multi-faceted campaign in which we identified an iconic consumer company (Kellogg) that had unique leverage with our ultimate target (Wilmar) – and combined geo-targeted grassroots organizing with global communications, online organizing, and investor mobilization to press for zero-deforestation palm oil sourcing commitment. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, and its production is now a leading driver of tropical deforestation and associated GHG emissions. When Kellogg’s announced a partnership with the world’s largest and most notorious palm oil company, Wilmar, we saw a unique leverage point to press for sustainable practices across the supply chain. Ultimately, Wilmar announced a ‘no deforestation’ policy that applies across its entire supply chain (constituting 45% of global palmoil trade). Kellogg announced a similar policy shortly after. As the world’s largest palm oil company, and a major trader of soy and sugar, Wilmar created a huge market for zero deforestation commodities. Wilmar and Kellogg’s joint commitments spurred a rapid market transformation away from deforestation across the industry. Our groups continued to successfully press companies representing over 60% of global palmoil supply chain to announce similar deforestation-free sourcing commitments in the months since.

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