The Keystone Pipeline Campaign

Name of campaign: The Keystone Pipeline Campaign

Lead Group(s): Bold Nebraska, Lakota Tribes, Cowboy and Indian Alliance

Support Group(s): NRDC, Sierra Club, NWF, LCV, CREDO, FoE, Oil Change international, Tar Sands Solutions Network

The campaign is squarely at odds with Big Oil’s agenda to expand the oil industry; it aims to create uncertainty in the financial sector leading to decreased investment in the sector. The campaign aims to protect water, property and climate by stopping the permitting and construction of the Keystone XL pipeline northern segment. It has prevented the permitting of the pipeline for six years. The legal victory in Thomspon v Heineman led to another long delay of the  permitting decision by President Obama for a total of 5 years and counting. In total, public accountability campaigns on tar sands have led to keeping 6.9 billion tons of carbon in the ground, according to Oil Change International. It has rocked Canadian politics and led to decreased investment in the tar sands industry, including the cancellation of projects in Alberta.

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