TOP CAMPAIGN AWARD: Beyond Coal Campaign


The Beyond Coal Campaign is one of the most remarkable corporate campaigns ever. Led by the Sierra Club with the support of over a hundred different groups (like NRDC, EDF, UCS, Public Citizen, Earthjustice), the campaign has secured the retirement of one third (179) of U.S. Coal-Fired Power Plants. It has challenged coal mining, coal-burning, and coal transport trains. Largely as a result of this campaign, the coal industry is considered to be a “dead man walking.” By 2030 it is likely the U.S. will no longer be burning coal for energy. The Beyond Coal Campaign is organizing efforts to promote clean energy through wind and solar, which bodes well not just for our climate, but for the health of tens of thousands of Americans who experience premature death, asthma and heart attacks from coal pollution every year. Congratulations to Sierra Club and all it’s allies on winning a 2014 BENNY!  Learn more Here

 Sierra Club Accepts Award:People Beyond Coal

On behalf of the Sierra Club and our 100+ partner organizations around the US, we are honored to accept the first 2014 Top Campaign BENNY award for the Beyond Coal Campaign. This recognition is a testament to the leadership and tenacity of thousands of people across the US who are working state by state, and city by city, to retire polluting coal plants and replace them with clean energy like wind and solar. Thanks to their dedication, the US is now tackling our biggest source of carbon pollution – coal fired power plants – and that has positioned the nation to provide much-needed international leadership on climate disruption. We are very grateful to Corporate Ethics International and the selection committee for their recognition of these efforts. The award will give a big boost to our network around the nation, as we gear up for the important work ahead.