Award Rules & Criteria

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campaign1BENNY Awards this year will be awarded for recent victories or significant achievements in corporate campaigning. A “victory” is defined as the realization of a significant commitment or actual change in policy by a targeted corporation or industry. This may also include a significant legislative or policy change prompted by corporate campaigning that improves the social, environmental, financial or political practices of corporations. An “achievement” is defined as the realization of a critical outcome(s) on the path to what is hoped will be a campaign victory, especially where the achievement shows impressive innovation, creativity, scope and/or impact.

• Victories and/or significant achievements won by advocacy and implementation NGOs between May 1, 2013 and October 1, 2014 are eligible for nomination for 2014 BENNY Awards.
• Campaigns do not have to include BEN Individual Members or BEN Member Organizations to be nominated.
• Nominations are confidential.
• NGOs may be nominated for work on more than one campaign or work with more than one company.
• BEN Individual Members may nominate a campaign from their own organization.
• A past award-winner can be nominated again if they have a new victory or new achievement within the year leading to the nomination period.
• A particular campaign may receive and accept a nomination for more than one victory and/or achievement and each nomination is considered separately.
• Barring unforeseen circumstances, nominations must occur during the designated calendar days. Individuals may request an extension to the BENNY Coordinator, who will try to accommodate them.
• The Awards Committee will determine the winners of the BENNY Awards. The Awards Committee will be partially comprised of the BEN Advisory Committee members as well as others selected for their experience and involvement with campaigns by diverse constituencies.
• BENNY Awards will be given to the first, second, and third place winners in each sub-category and the awards will include trophies and certificates.
• The Awards Committee will also recognize one person for Outstanding Individual Achievement with a BENNY Award.
• BEN members and their supporters will be provided an opportunity to vote for “The People’s Choice Award,” which will be determined by the campaign receiving the most votes.
• Nominated campaigns must fill out the Nomination Acceptance Form in the time provided. BEN may contact winning campaigns about providing a case study on their campaign’s victory or achievement after the Awards.