2008 Awards

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BEN Individual Achievement Award: Randy Hayes

BENNY Awards:

Recognizing significant victories in the past year of corporate campaign, selected by the BEN Membership:

  • 1st Prize, $15,000: Clean Up Ecuador
  • 2nd Prize, 10,000: Hotel Workers Rising: Strategic Organizing at the Glendale Hilton
  • 3rd Prize, $5,000 two-way tie:
  • Human Right to Water: South African legal fight to provide poor people with sufficient water – Mazibuko & Others v. City of Johannesburg & Others
  • PVC Consumer Campaign

2008 Path to Victory Awards

Recognizing significant achievements on the way to victory in the past year of corporate campaigning:

1st Prize, three-way tie:

  • The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  • ForestEthics Do Not Mail Campaign
  • International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal